How to measure your room

Once you have browsed our beautiful ranges and chosen the floor covering for your project, you will probably want an idea of how much carpet you will need.

Here is simple guide on how to measure your room:

If you wish to measure your room yourself you will need  - a tape measure, pencil, piece of paper and a ruler.

  • Draw a floorplan of the room you want to measure (example right).
  • Measure all the way into doorway recesses and bay windows.
  • Measure any drop backs, alcoves, fireplaces or fitted cupboards.
  • Measure the width of the widest part of the room, then measure across the room at a few different points as not all walls are parallel.

Your local Brockway approved carpet retailer will be able to assist you. They will professionally measure your space and be able to plan the most economical way to lay the carpet.

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