Ask the expert - colourful carpets

10 September 2021

Opting for a coloured carpet is a fantastic way to transform a space and make a strong style statement. However, some of us find the idea of colourful carpet daunting.

Joanna Ramsden, Creative Director at Brockway, gives expert insight on how to incorporate some of this glorious colour into your home.

Most colours can be made to work in any room, however, the key to choosing the right one is to ensure you know the desired mood of a room and select a colour that will enhance this. A bedroom, for instance, is often a room where a calming, tranquil feel is needed. A tonal scheme of cool toned blues, mauves or greens is the best way to build this effect. In contrast, a living room is the thriving hub of a family home and often a space where we're aiming to for character and vibrancy - bright colours can work really well here.

Joanna Ramsden, Creative Director, Brockway

How can I ensure my coloured carpet and wall colour work well together?

In order to create a harmonious scheme, select colours with the same undertone. Colours don’t have to be the same to work well together, however selecting a shade that has a warm undertone with a cool one will clash. For a cool toned carpet such as blue, ensure you opt for cool neutrals such as grey or white.  Select a warmer cream or beige for a carpet with a warmer undertone such as red.

How can I opt for a coloured carpet while maintaining a versatile scheme?

To make sure an interior scheme can easily complement a range of furniture and accessories, choose a carpet colour that has an adaptable undertone. A green carpet, for instance, sits in the middle of the colour wheel and can easily complement both warm and cool pieces. Or, alternatively, opt for a patterned carpet which contains contrasting tones. This will create a versatile base for the room, which can be build on with multiple colours without creating a clash.

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