About Brockway

As ‘the home of wool carpet’, Brockway has been designing and producing premium quality, hand-finished carpets in Kidderminster since 1964.                              We are a family run business, proud of our carpet heritage and believe strongly in British craftsmanship.
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We have been making beautiful, high quality wool carpets at our family run factory in Kidderminster, the home of British carpet since the 1960s. Our expert craftsmen and women have excellence at the heart of everything they do & take great pride in using only the finest wool.

Charles Annable, Chairman

The Home of Wool Carpets

We only make luxurious high quality wool carpets using environmentally-friendly production processes. As well as providing superior looks and durability, Brockway’s award-winning Lakeland Herdwick range plays a part in helping sustain traditional farming.

British craftsmanship

We are proud to manufacture quality products in our own factory in the traditional carpet town of Kidderminster. Embedded in our workforce is the experience of generations of carpet-makers: many of today’s Brockway employees are the sons and daughters of previous staff, and the skilled recipients of knowledge and expertise passed down through the years.

carpet being made in britain

The perfect finish

Nothing escapes the eagle eyes of our highly trained production personnel and quality control staff. All carpets are hand-finished once they leave the machine to ensure that they reach the high standard required for a Brockway carpet.

A stake in the future

Brockway is a highly innovative company and we focus on developing production methods that are more sustainable and create less waste. Our Envirobac system replaces conventional latex backing with polymer granules, and our whole manufacturing process is effluent free with no harmful emissions and much less impact on the environment.

employee working in quality control for carpets
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