If you have any questions about how to buy and care for your Brockway’s carpet - we’ve got the answers!

Frequently asked questions

Do your carpets have a warranty?

Brockway Carpets has a 5-year warranty against all types of manufacturing fault and will investigate any complaint raised of this nature. There is also a 5-year guarantee against Delamination, Moth Attack and Pile Reversal on all ranges. In any of these instances, the complaint will need to be confirmed by an Independent Inspection in situ (arranged by ourselves), at which point we will offer a one-time replacement. Please be aware that after the first two years, there will be a 20% depreciation per year on the total invoice value of the carpet involved.

What are the different types of carpet fibres?

100% wool yarns create a beautiful high-quality durable floor covering – it is the most luxurious carpet fibre.

Wool blend carpets are usually made up of 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibres.

The most commonly used carpet yarn blend is 80% wool, 20% nylon. The mix combines the softness of wool with the strength of nylon to create a durable yet beautiful carpet yarn.

Another widely used blend is 80% wool/ 10% nylon/ 10% polyester. This mix combines the best properties of super fibre wool with the durability and strength of synthetic fibres nylon and polyester.

Where can I buy a Brockway carpet from?

We have a network of professional retailers across the UK who stock our beautiful wool carpets. Simply visit our "where to buy" section (, enter your postcode or click on the "use my location" function and you’ll get a list of your nearest approved Brockway retail centres.

How often should I vacuum my carpet?

Regular cleaning (2-3 times per week) will help to keep your Brockway carpet looking great!

What is carpet face weight?

A measurement in ounces is determined by the amount of fibre per square yard. For example, 40oz per yard or 50oz per yard - The heavier the weight, the more carpet yarn is used. Generally, the heavier the weight of the carpet, the more resistance it has to flattening from foot traffic and furniture - 40oz or 50oz carpets are ideally suited for hallways and staircases.

What backing do you use?

All Brockway’s carpets are backed with the pioneering eco-friendly Envirobac system. Envirobac is a lighter weight backing offering numerous advantages. It is super-strong, energy-efficient, effluent and emission-free and can be recycled at the end of its life.Its lighter weight and flexibility makes the carpet easier to transport and fit. The revolutionary system uses a reduced quantity of SBR latex, approximately 25% less than the amount used in the traditional secondary backing method.

Can I order free carpet samples?

We are committed to offering free carpet samples, after all pictures can only tell part of the story. To see how Brockway carpets look and feel before you decide, select up to six carpets from the extensive selection on this website and we will send swatches free of charge directly to your address.

Please kindly note: Your sample may not be from the same batch as current production and therefore should be used as a guide and not an exact colour match.

What vacuum cleaner do you recommend?

Opt for a vacuum cleaner that has brushes or a beater bar if you have a cut pile carpet. Or, for loop pile carpets, one without brushes or a beater bar is best.

How can I get rid of indentations in the carpet?

Compression marks caused by heavy furniture or castors will usually recover in time and can be improved by gently brushing. Make sure that the underlay provides adequate resistance to compression as a soft deep underlay can cause the carpets to permanently distort under heavy point loading. The use of castor cups is recommended.

Can I install Brockway carpets over underfloor heating?

All of our carpets are suitable for use over underfloor heating when combined with an appropriate quality underlay.

Which underlay do you recommend?

All Brockway carpets should be installed using appropriate good quality underlay and by professional installers in accordance with BS5325 or the NICF ( All accredited Brockway stockists will be able to advise on usage and supply or recommend an approved installer.

Do you fit carpets?

No, we don't offer this service but the shop you purchased your carpet from can arrange the fitting, or you can find your own carpet fitter. However, for Grosvenor Wilton bespoke carpets we do offer a fitting service.

What's the best carpet for pets?

The best option for a pet-friendly carpet is one with a short pile. Loop carpets are a great choice as any pet hair tends to sit on top of the carpet, making it much easier to vacuum. Go for a shorter loop carpet as taller loops can sometimes snag on your pets' claws.

Do you do carpets wider than 5m?

No, 5m is the widest carpet we make here at Brockway.

What is shading?

All carpet types are subject to a visual phenomenon referred to as shading - this is not a manufacturing defect and does not affect the durability of the carpet.

*Shading occurs because the pile of the carpet has become crushed, flattened or brushed in a different direction to the natural lie of the pile whilst in situ. This causes light reflection at differing angles resulting in the creation of light and dark patches on the carpet.*Source - The Stocklists.

Why does my carpet look a slightly different colour to the sample?

Every effort is made to ensure matching colours. However your sample may not be from the same batch as current production and therefore should be used as a guide - an exact match to sampling is not guaranteed.

Fading on wool?

Carpets made from wool can and do fade in use. The degree of fade can vary depending on the colour chosen and the local conditions to which the carpet is subjected. Fading can be caused by exposure to ultraviolet light which is found in daylight, but is accelerated when sunlight shines directly onto the carpet. This has the effect of lightening or "Bleaching'' the colour just as exposure to sunlight will lighten human hair. Wool is after all animal hair. Protection should be given to carpets exposed to such conditions just as you would protect other furniture or fabrics. *Source - The Stocklists.

Why is my carpet shedding?

All cut pile carpets will lose short fibre, which is created during production when spun yarn is cut for tuft formation. These fibres fall onto the surface of the pile and appear as 'fluff'. The effect varies with yarn type and may be removed without detrimental effect upon the carpet by vacuum cleaning. This excess fibre is only a small fraction of the total fibre contained in the carpet. *Source - The Stocklists.

What is pile reversal?

This occurs when the pile of the carpet changes direction and thus reflects light at different angles showing the effects of shading which can become permanent. It is also described as 'watermarking'. This can happen to every carpet construction. Like shading it can be more apparent on plain carpet because heavy patterns/textures can disguise the effects. It can occur quite quickly after installation. A tremendous amount of research has been carried out over many years by many institutes to determine the cause of this phenomenon but none of it has proved conclusive. There is no commonly known manufacturing process which can cause or cure this. *Source - The Stocklists.

Why are TOG ratings important?

Tog ratings have become increasingly important in recent times. Wool carpets are an excellent way to keep your home warmer and the higher the rating the better a carpet is for this. However with more underfloor heating, retailers are using Tog ratings to ensure this type of system is effective. The combined carpet and underlay Tog value should be calculated and shouldn’t exceed the manufacturer’s guidance. So all in all, Tog ratings are an important part of the carpet buying process and we advise you speak to your favoured retailer.

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