Brockway is a highly innovative company and we focus on developing production methods that are more sustainable and create less waste.

All Brockway’s carpets are backed with the pioneering eco-friendly Envirobac system.  Envirobac is a lighter weight backing offering numerous advantages.  It is super-strong, energy-efficient, effluent and emission-free and can be recycled at the end of its life.

What is Envirobac?

Envirobac is an advanced variation on traditional secondary backing techniques.

How is it different from existing backing techniques?

The difference lies in the materials used to lock the tufts of yam into the primary back and adhere the secondary back to the primary back. These materials are a highly engineered combination of polyolefin derivatives which have the tremendous advantages of being light-weight and extremely stable.

What are the benefits of Envirobac?

Lighter Weight

Because the materials used to adhere the secondary carpet backing to the primary back are much lighter than those used previously, the total carpet weight is reduced without altering the pile weight of the carpet. This makes transportation and handling of the carpet much easier, more

Softer Handle

Envirobac is much softer and therefore easier to cut and manipulate than a traditional back - even in low temperatures - a distinct advantage when fitting or manoeuvering the carpet in a confined space. The chances of damage to the walls and skirting boards are also minimised, allowing the fitter to complete the job quickly and easily - so the carpet is left beautifully fitted with less disruption to the household.

Crease Resistance

Envirobac utilises raw materials with improved stability, so if the carpet has to be manoeuvered or manipulated in an awkward situation the risks of permanently creasing the carpet are greatly reduced.

Are there any environmental benefits?

here is less impact on the environment during production of the new back. When the carpet is eventually replaced there are options available for end - of - life energy reclamation which are better than simply adding it to the world's landfill sites.

Can the carpet be fitted as before?

Yes - extensive fitting and seaming trials have been carried out, all of which have proved successful.

Will the performance of the carpet be affected?

You can continue to expect the same high level of performance from a Brockway carpet with Envirobac as you would from the same carpet manufactured with a traditional back. Tuft retention and lamination properties of the new backing technique are particularly impressive.

Will the back look any different?

The Envirobac system involves a change in the way the secondary backing is adhered to the primary backing and not a change to the backing itself. However, we will be taking the opportunity to ensure that in future all of our ranges are produced using a woven polypropylene secondary backing. Many of our best selling ranges are already produced on this backing which has the benefit of a cleaner more consistent appearance, whilst providing the carpet with added dimensional stability. This changeover will take place within a structured programme over a period of time

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