Wonderful wool?

Our gorgeous wool carpets will make your home feel warmer, quieter and more comfortable

A wool floor covering ensures that superb comfort and warmth are never compromised

We have always considered wool to be the very DNA of our products, synonymous with luxury this durable carpet fibre is natural, renewable and sustainable plus a great insulator of sound and heat.

All Brockway carpets are pure new wool or wool rich, which gives a luxurious, high quality product.  As well as providing superior looks and durability, our Lakeland Herdwick range  plays a part in helping sustain traditional farming communities in some of the UK’s farthest-flung regions.

Brockway have been proudly making carpet from this most versatile of fibres for over 50 years - Wool is the natural choice for flooring with its unbeatable combination of strength and performance.

Wool carpet provides soft and luxurious underfoot comfort that just can’t be beaten. There are many reasons to choose wool for your next carpet, wool is...

Wool has excellent eco credentials, it  is a natural, renewable and biodegradable.

Wool fibres have air filtering capabilities, trapping dust and pollutants. It is also one of the best non-allergenic materials.

Fire resistant
Wool is one of the safest materials for the home as it is naturally flame retardant.

A natural insulator
Wool has great insulating properties and helps to maintain a comfortable indoor environment all year round.

Noise absorbing
Room-to-room sound and noise levels between floors are reduced with wool carpets.

Easy to care for
Wool is inherently stain resistant – its natural oils and complex structure also shield against dirt.

Good looking for longer
Wool’s natural resilience and long lasting appearance mean that your carpet will continue to look good for many years even in areas with high footfall.

Brockway is proud to be associated with British Wool and The Campaign for Wool

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