Brockway Lakeland Herdwick carpet takes pride of place at new British Wool Showroom

6 June 2022

Last week, the marketing team at British Wool unveiled their brand-new showroom at a press event. The space features all their licensees, including; Harris Tweed, Brockway Carpets, Camira, Yan Tan, Woolyknit, Devon Duvets and many more.

Brockway's Lakeland Herdwick Windermere carpet was chosen as the floorcovering for the showroom - the contemporary, natural looking, light grey loop pile carpet provided the perfect colour and texture for the scheme.

We picked the carpet because first and foremost its British Wool and the natural tones of the carpet really complement the centerpiece, which was used originally at the Harrogate Flooring Show in 2021.

Julia Robinson,  British Wool

Graham Clark, Director of Marketing at British Wool, said: “There is an emphasis on environmental sustainability in all products produced using British Wool as it is a natural, biodegradable fibre. Due to its durability and it also having a longer lifespan than other textile fibre products.”

This recent rise in demand for natural fibre, in part can be attributed by consumers being more aware of the environmental impact of man-made fibres and materials. The new state of the art showroom champions wool and the farmers who produce it.

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