Red carpets

Two armchairs on red carpet with union jack cushions

Red carpet is found in both contemporary and traditional homes, with different designs and patterns featured throughout, and that’s similar to our collection of red carpet, offering a red speckled heather carpet, portofino carpet, and plain carpet. We have lots of options available because we understand that everyone’s preferences are different.

Red carpet works in any room in the house, whether you want a red carpet bedroom or living room, or even a red stair carpet. Depending on the tone of the carpet really depends on you and how you want your style to come across, for example, if you’re going for a brighter red, it’s going to make more of a statement. If you are going for a darker red, it’s likely to have a more cosy feel to it, but not light the room up as much, or perhaps you like a striped red carpet from our portofino range, which would add elegance and personality to the room. Each design adds something different and that’s the beauty and freedom you have with carpet.

Maintenance and care for your carpet is an extremely important factor in keeping the health of your new carpet in tip-top condition for plenty of years to come. Most people forget about this or don’t know how or where to begin. Therefore, we have created a free carpet care guide for you, which includes all the key information that you should need, from fluffing to tracking to shading and sprouting, and plenty more too. It is all in there, along with the best ways to remove certain stains from your carpet too with our ‘stain removal table’.

Brockway Carpets has 8 colours available, and if you are interested in any of the below, then please go to the where to buy page, to find out which stores sell our products.

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