Capturing the intricate beauty of the natural world, soft and sumptuous Elements is expertly made from pure wool in a palette of restorative shades, to create an inspiring yet restful interior.

Suitable for all rooms, staircases, and landings in the home, Elements natural textured loop design adds warmth and cosiness that transcends seasonality.

A pure wool carpet creates a cosy feel, and is extremely long-lasting and durable, it is also natural, renewable, and biodegradable. Wool also has great insulating properties and helps to maintain a comfortable indoor environment all-year round.

Create a smart, comforting, and cosy room with the elements range. High-quality premium carpet, that you will enjoy for a long time. Elements captures the essence of the natural palette, and allows you to design the perfect room, whilst maintaining character, personality, and uniqueness.

Our sleek elements collection is available in 8 different natural colours and is suitable for all rooms, staircases, and landings in the home, giving you the ultimate freedom when choosing & styling your new room. Check out the colours that we have on show to you today, below, and start deciding on which is the one for you and your home.

As we have said, having a pure wool carpet makes it a lot more durable than other carpets, but you are still going to want to make sure you get the most out of your carpet and keep it looking in superb condition for many years to come. So, with that in mind, we created something for you, a free carpet care guide! Included in this guide, is all the relevant information that you will need to keep your carpet in tip-top condition. We have also added in a stain removal table, so you know what products to use for each type of stain that occurs.

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