Orion Twist

Practical and stylish, the ever-popular Orion, represents affordable comfort and warmth combined with resilience and durability in a subtly varied palette, with the Orion carpet being something you will adore.
Orion Twist

This carpet is perfect for brightening your home with a natural, semi-plain yet stylish floor covering that is destined to endure heavy traffic.

Thankfully, due to the Orion carpet range being primarily wool, it can withstand a lot of traffic, and maintain its qualities, making it the perfect carpet for a busy household. Whilst wool offers several obvious benefits such as warmth and cosiness. It also has many more key factors, such as being fire resistant, noise-absorbing, and a natural insulator. If you would like to find out more about the unique features of our wool carpets, see here.

Have you decided on the style of your room yet? Do you need help with a little bit of inspiration? If so, then check out our ‘Inspiration’ page, to help you brainstorm some ideas and get a feel for which style you are most interested in.

When choosing a carpet, you should always consider the weight, our Orion twist range has two different weights, 42 and 60 (oz).

There are 12 assorted colours in the magnificent Orion Twist Carpet range, including lighter and darker styles to suit everyone's needs, which can be seen below.

Something else you should consider which a lot of people tend to forget about, is, the maintenance of your carpet once it arrives. Lots of people seem to buy a carpet, and not give it any TLC for years, and then wonder why it is not looking so good anymore. We are giving you our free carpet care guide, with all the essential information inside, including a stain removal table, telling you what products to use on what stains, to help keep your carpet looking fresher for longer.

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