Taking inspiration from the natural shades of the British coastline, Salcombe’s fresh, neutral palette evokes a serenity and calmness with a subtle carpet that is perfect for a stylish retreat.

A high-specification, high-performing range with a heavy domestic/ contract suitability, Serenity’s smart linear lines and finest quality wool make it the perfect addition to any room.

If you are looking for something that resembles relaxation, and a feeling of pure bliss, then the Salcombe collection could not be any more perfect for you. An exquisite range that can match any home style and décor, due to the versatility of the neutral carpet colours that we have available. Salcombe range suits perfectly to a nautical look and theme, with a beach or seaside themed room or home, the subtle carpet blends in perfectly.

With that said, if you are after something different, and the opposite of that, it works just as well. If you are going for bright coloured walls, or unique decorative pieces, then the neutral-coloured carpets can help break the design up in a positive way and make everything that you want to, ‘pop,’ and stand out.

100% wool and easy to care for, these carpets are of high-quality and come with many benefits including being a natural insulator, noise absorbing, sustainable and hypoallergenic, due to wool fibres having air-filtering capabilities, trapping dust and pollutants.

Ranging from our lightest ‘clotted cream’ colour to our darker ‘lighthouse’ colour, and all those in-between, there is something for everyone, so it is time to get choosing and browse through our range to see which is the best colour for you and your home.

After doing that, we have created a free carpet care guide for you to download, so you do not have to worry about knowing what to do with your carpet once it has been fitted, we have got everything you need in one place.

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