Cosy Home

Soft underfoot, smart, luxurious wool, and stylish, cosy carpets are the perfect choice of floor covering to make your home feel comfortable and welcoming. With a vast array of colours, from subtle neutrals through to two-tone loop piles and vibrant stripes, finding the perfect carpet to complement your décor could not be easier.

A wool carpet ticks all the boxes for any homeowner looking to create a comfortable, relaxing space. A textural, pure wool carpet, a cosy sofa with an abundance of velvet cushions and wooden throws - All you need for the perfect cosy haven!

Wool is both durable and tactile so great for those looking to keep a 'high traffic' area looking good without compromising on warmth and comfort.

Just what is needed for a quieter, more peaceful indoor environment, wool carpets absorb ambient noise and reduces echo, minimising sound bouncing around your rooms. It is carpet comfort at its finest, whilst maintaining the high-quality features mentioned above.

If you are after a carpet that is cosy, sound-absorbent, and incredibly soft, then a pure wool carpet sounds like the perfect option for you.

Bedroom image (middle right) courtesy of Cullen Homes

Carpets are a wonderful way to change the mood of a room. Choosing a different design for each room helps to create character and provides that stylish boutique hotel feel. Remember to think about the type of carpet you choose, high traffic areas benefit from a more robust weave whereas you might prefer a softer pile for your bedroom.

Joanna Ramsden, Creative Director, Brockway

Come Home to Cosiness

The desire for a cosy, comforting home space is natural. Whether it’s to welcome us in from the cold or to create a relaxing retreat from busy lives, a premium quality wool carpet is often the first step.

Give your home the added layer of luxury it deserves with a soft and beautiful wool carpet.

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