Nature-inspired Trends

Bringing the natural world to our interiors is a trend that looks set to continue, with colour experts forecasting that earthy, nature inspired carpets and colours, such as sepia browns, burnt umber and clay will remain popular choices with contrasting woodland colours like sage, pine and hazel hitting the colour spot too as we crave warm tones that will enrich our interiors and create cosy sanctuaries than bring the outdoors in.

Well-being and nature work hand-in-hand...

...especially when it comes to creating a sense of calm, contentment, and serenity within the home. Consumers are choosing tactile objects with their comforting, grounding effect, preferring natural sustainable materials like wool and wood, and using plants to create a soothing, sensorial experience at home.

The softer tactile feel is a notable feature of the pure wool, undyed, loop pile carpets, making floors very cosy underfoot and giving a comfortable, welcoming vibe.

We all want to be surrounded in life by things that make us happy, and our homes shouldn’t be any different. We want to feel relaxed and embrace our surroundings, more than ever when we’re in our homes, because it’s up to us how we design and style where we live.

Choosing natural textures

An important consideration in the focus on well-being is sustainability and choosing flooring made from natural, eco-focused materials such as wool can make a significant impact on our physical and emotional health. We often overlook how powerful our surroundings are, and how much of an impact they can have on us.

We proudly use wool as the main component of our carpets. It is a natural and environmentally friendly fibre, easily recyclable and biodegradable.

Our Lakeland Herdwick, Rare Breeds Loop and Rare Breeds cut pile collections are all made from 100% undyed British Wool, created with minimum environmental impact in mind.

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