Rory’s Bedroom transformation with Brockway

8 January 2024

Lifestyle digital creator Kerry has a passion for interiors and documents the renovation she is making to her beautiful family home over on Instagram as @stripesandsage, Kerry is also Co-host for @pimpupmypad.

As soon as we found out we were expecting our second baby, we started planning Rory’s (our eldest son) move out of the nursery into his new bedroom.

As with all of our renovation projects, the transformation from spare room to little boys bedroom ended up bigger than expected, however that did mean we had more time to plan the finer details, and really make sure the space was utilised in the best way.

We wanted the room to feel warm and cosy, whilst following the design of our other renovated rooms. We knew we also wanted it to feel grown up, as well as working for our toddler so that it would grow with him.

This meant that not only did the paint colour have to work with both children and adults, but the carpet had to be durable enough for a toddler but comfy enough for an adult bedroom.

We knew straight away that Brockway Carpets would be the perfect solution in here, after installing them through all our other renovated rooms in the house, we just had to decide on the style and colourway.

The paint colour we decided on was a bluey, green/grey, looking slightly different in different lights. It meant that deciding on a carpet option to compliment the colour was quite tricky. We wanted something light to lift the tone of the room and stop it feeling too dark, as well as something that reflected the warmer tones of the paint.

Ordering samples from Brockway was so quick and easy. Not only do they offer up to 6 free carpet samples, but they are delivered within a matter of days meaning there were no delays to our renovation project. When ordering the samples or selecting your carpet, you can filter by colour, design style, carpet type, wool blend, and carpet range.

We decided to stick to a loop pile carpet to remain consistent with the other rooms in our house, but looked at different carpet ranges and designs to see what would be best suited.

In the end, the Helvellyn range ticked the boxes for us - 100% wool, loop pile, neutral colourways, durable yet soft!

We narrowed it down to four colour samples, and spent the next few days deliberating which one would suit the room best.

We finally decided on Catstye Cam - a beautiful neutral toned carpet, with a subtle blue and gold fleck throughout. This not only complimented the paint colour and accessories of the room, but was a lot more forgiving for a toddler space, and would be much more durable.

The finished result is everything we hoped it would be and more. With Brockway, we knew the quality of the carpet would be unmatched, but it’s even more perfect than we thought.

Super soft for Rory to sit/lay down and play all day and yet durable enough to withstand our whirlwind of a toddler. The carpet has absolutely transformed the room, giving a timeless yet contemporary feel, that will last us for years and years to come.

The perfect finishing touch.

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