Playroom carpet transformation with Brockway

10 November 2023

Lifestyle digital creator Kerry has a passion for interiors and documents the renovation she is making to her beautiful family home over on Instagram as @stripesandsage, Kerry is also Co-host for @pimpupmypad.

When we moved into our home five years ago, we quickly added an office space so that I could work from home more easily. We didn’t have time to consider the design of the room as we would normally do with a renovation project, so we simply refreshed the paint colour and included some built-in units.

However things soon changed when we had our son. We knew at that point, that whilst he is small, having a playroom to keep all of his toys contained was definitely more important than me having an office space, so we decided to start renovating the room again. This time properly.

When we originally decorated the office, we painted the room in Inchyra Blue from Farrow and Ball, which is a gorgeous deep blue. When deciding to transform this room into a playroom, we knew we wanted to keep the deeper blue to maintain the cosiness, but also allowing us to convert the room in the future. Creating a playroom meant that we could add something slightly more playful, so decided to install a wall mural that covered one entire wall. This not only gave an interactive element to the room, but also introduced more neutral tones that meant an equally neutral flooring option would tie in beautifully.

When it came to deciding on flooring for the room, we wanted to incorporate a carpet to soften the darker tones of the walls, as well keeping it comfortable for Rory to play for long durations. We needed something that would be durable yet soft, whilst also aesthetically in keeping with the rest of the house. Having used Brockway carpets in our lounge, we knew the quality, style, colour, and durability would work perfectly. We just needed to decide on the exact carpet type, style, and colour to suit the space.

Style and colour

Brockway quote that they “only make luxurious high quality wool carpets using environmentally-friendly production processes […] providing superior looks and durability” - exactly what we were looking for.

Ordering samples from Brockway was so quick and easy. Not only do they offer up to 6 free carpet samples, but they are delivered within a matter of days meaning there were no delays to our renovation project. When ordering the samples or selecting your carpet, you can filter by colour, design style, carpet type, wool blend, and carpet range.

I decided to order two different carpet types (Loop pile and flatweave) and a range of different neutral colourways so that I could make the most informed decision.

After a little deliberation, we decided to keep some consistency throughout the house for a more coherent finish and decided to go for the wool loop pile carpet type.

The only difference in this room is that we wanted something slightly deeper in colour to hide any potential food and drink spills from our toddler, but not too dark against the deeper blue walls. Eventually we decided to go for the Cotswolds style in the Elkstone finish.

Once installed, the carpet completely transformed the space. Not only did it soften the stark darker wall colour, it immediately created a more calming and welcoming space. Incredibly soft underfoot and durable enough to withstand toddler traffic, it is the perfect addition to the room. I knew instantly that this carpet would not only work in this room as a playroom, but would also work in the future when we eventually convert this room back into a home office.

Absolute perfection.

Standing the test of time

It has now been two years since we finished the playroom and two years of our son using it daily. In my opinion, there is no greater test of durability, longevity, and stain resistance, than being put to work against a toddler.

Not only has our Brockway carpet withstood drink spills, crumbled snacks, and potty training accidents, it looks and feels as good as when it was first installed.

We have now installed three Brockway carpets in our home, in all our renovated rooms, as we are so impressed with the quality of the carpets. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brockway carpets to anyone looking for beautiful style as well as incredible functionality.

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