Flatweave carpets


Flatweave's look more like a heavy weight textile fabric and are often used to make runners in striking stripes or herringbones, ideal for making a unique statement on staircases, halls and landings.

Made without knots, flat weave carpet is created by weaving horizontal and vertical wool fibres neatly together. The result is a hard-wearing carpet ideally suited to staircases, halls and landings. The lack of piles compared with a more traditional carpet, such as loop pile or cut pile, means it is durable and long-lasting.

Laid out in a herringbone style pattern, our carpets provide a stylish and elegant look to create a unique statement. With a contemporary pattern, a flat weave carpet can add a touch of style to an area of the home. Whether used on a stairway, in a larger room, or to create a fashionable runner, the heavy-weight fabric will blend with your setting to establish a comforting feel for your home.

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