Flatweave carpets

Made using a loop pile which allows the yarn to be woven across a wider area to create a flatter, more textured effect. Flatweave carpets are often used to make runners in striking stripes or herringbone, ideal for creating a unique statement on staircases.

Flatweave carpets are hard-wearing ideally suited to staircases, halls, and landings.

Laid out in a herringbone style pattern, our carpets provide a stylish and elegant look to create a unique statement. With a contemporary pattern, a flatweave carpet can add a touch of style to any area of the home.

Once you have your carpet fitted, remember to look after it, because it is something that we all at times can neglect, but when look after right, our carpets can have a very long life, so feel free to check out our carpet care guide.

Flooring can transform and have a huge impact on the look and feel of a room, whether that is a bedroom, living room, hallway or something else. It always changes whatever room you are in. So, really think about what you want, what colour and style you would like, and then make your choice. Choosing a carpet is not a quick decision, but we have lots of choices for you to look at, so check out how incredible the flatweave carpet looks below and browse through our selection we have available.

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