Berber carpets

We’re delighted to introduce to you our beautiful Berber carpet style.

Berber carpets originated in North Africa and the Sahara where the tribes used to weave natural wool into floorcoverings.

A Berber carpet today can be either a loop pile or cut pile construction that replicates the original and traditional appearance of the hand-crafted product by injecting small fibrous flecks or neps of darker natural shades into a lighter undyed base yarn.

We offer two stunning Berber ranges, Orion Twist and Dimensions Berbers.

Dimensions Berbers

A contemporary take on the undyed Berber concept. Inspired by the Berber tradition this new cut pile range has applied fashion colours to the wool neps and wool base yarns to create a modern carpet suited to both rustic and urban lifestyles.


In a subtly varied palette, this carpet is perfect for brightening your home with a natural, semi-plain yet stylish floor covering that is destined to endure heavy traffic.

Wondrous qualities of wool

Not only is the Berber wool carpet luxurious, and incredibly high-quality thanks to the material, but it also has a tremendous number of benefits. First, wool plays a fantastic role in sustainability, as it is natural, renewable and biodegradable. Wool also holds up extremely well in the colder months of the year, thanks to its warm insulating features. There are many reasons why a wool carpet should be the only one you ever choose. You can find out more about them on our Wonderful Wool page.

Keeping it clean

Berber carpet does not show marks very easily, so if you had a stain on a plain carpet, it would be more likely to show, however, due to the multi-tonal pile that is within a Berber carpet, the stain will become more hidden.

However, nobody wants any stains on their new carpet, so we have produced a free carpet care guide for you. We have included all you need to know to keep your carpet in the best possible condition.

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