The warm, rich tones and essentially English quality of pure wool Cotswolds, create a relaxing environment with gently cosy and cocooning textures.

Image courtesy of: @stripesandsage

Perfectly suited to both contemporary and traditional schemes, this beautiful loop carpet with linear lines will bring instant warmth and character to any space. With a versatile palette of seven natural shades, this hardwearing and luxurious carpet collection is suitable for all areas of the home and general contract.

Every carpet within this range is 100% wool, so as always you are guaranteed to receive only the best quality carpet, with warmth, softness, and long-lasting qualities, you will not be disappointed.

Our beautiful Cotswold's collection holds seven different Cotswold carpet designs. We have the lighter ‘Kingham’ style, the darker ‘Burford’ look, or you might prefer something in between. Every single colour looks gorgeous and can would not look out of place in any room of the house.

After buying your carpet, you’re going to want to make sure you give it some TLC, and the best possible aftercare. So, to get you started and stop you worrying about what the best way to look after your carpet is, we’ve come up with our very own free carpet care guide, which includes all the key information that you will need when it comes to keeping your carpet in its best possible condition for years to come. We have also included a stain removal table, so if any accidents do occur, you know what to do. Whether you’ve knocked over a glass of wine, the kids have come in from Football and there’s now grass stains, or whether someone has dripped paint on your new carpet! We have all the best solutions in our guide.

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