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Product Code
COT 0001
Pile Content
100% wool
Action Bac
Tog Rating
All areas of the home / general contract

Product details

The Kingham carpet is a part of our delightful Cotswolds range, which embraces the clean simplistic approach to flooring, with its cosy grey style, and incredible warmth from the material is 100% wool, this is a carpet of the highest quality and luxurious addition to any home, whether it be modern or traditional, the Kingham carpet will fit in just perfectly.

Our wonderful wool products have some superb perks, as previously mentioned you are guaranteed extra warmth throughout those colder months of the year, and you can also expect noise reduction from foot traffic. A fantastic safety feature that wool has, which a lot of people may not know, is that wool is naturally flame retardant, making it fire resistant. You can check all the benefits to having a wool carpet right here.

The magnificent natural coloured Kingham carpet comes in widths of 5m.

The last thing we want you to do is to be worried and panic. That is why our number one focus is making sure that your journey and process of purchasing one of our products will be nothing but the best. If you have been unsure about certain things but weren’t sure about asking, or didn’t know who to ask, then you are in the right place, our knowledgeable experts are here for a reason, to help you, and to answer any questions that you may have.

Now, let's get to the fun and free part.

We offer samples for our carpets because we believe you should be able to see it first hand and feel what it is like before making the decision to buy it. So, you can choose up to six different carpet samples and have them delivered straight to your door. What’s not to like? Try out some different styles and see which one fits you and your home the best!

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