Dimensions Heathers 40

A flecked or heather carpet is 80% wool and so will look good for a very long time, Dimensions Heathers is practical and decorative, with its extensive, modern palette of subtle, tonal shades and distinctive semi-plain flecking.
Dimensions Heathers 40

Perfectly suited to the busy family home, this luxurious yet hard-wearing superstar of a carpet is made from wool-rich material and manufactured in a thick twist that feels delightfully springy underfoot.

Dimensions Heathers is a classic flecked heather carpet suitable for heavy domestic use, that will stand the test of time.  Therefore, it is a great carpet all around,

It is available in two qualities, tough and hardwearing Dimensions Heathers 40 and  50.

40 and 50, are the pile weights, so for example, the pile weight for this Dimensions Heathers is 40oz.

When choosing a new carpet, you want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth, that is why at Brockway Carpets, we pride ourselves on quality, and thanks to all our carpets being manufactured at our own factory in Kidderminster, our products are of very high-quality, and we accept nothing less than the best for our customers.

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You must also not forget how to look after your carpet once it has been fitted, because an important part of keeping it looking new for years to come is down to you and how you look after it. We know it can be hard choosing which carpet is for you, and everything that comes with it. So, we have created a free carpet care guide for you, which includes all the essential information that you will need to give your carpet the TLC it deserves.

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