From the muted grey carpet to the soft, sandy dark beige carpet, the distinctive, earthy palette of Landscapes captures the beauty of the natural world in this refined and elegant collection.

Soft underfoot, decorative and stylish, this opulent pure new wool loop pile combines good looks and high performance. Perfect for cosying up your interiors and creating a welcoming, homely aesthetic.

Have you already chosen the style for your room? Do you need some help with a little bit of inspiration? Check out the inspiration page to get some ideas, so you can really start planning your exciting room and project. We can show you some room ideas with grey carpet, striped and coloured carpet, alongside some décor and design that may suit your needs to a tee.

Our Landscapes collection is a smart, sophisticated look, and offers itself to any room in the house. Our Landscapes collection is also 100% wool and is available in 8 different classy colours. We have always considered wool as the best carpet material out there, hence why we believe it is the DNA of all our products. With so many benefits, it is hard to argue the fact of the reason why it is so great.

Now, every carpet needs some TLC, we know it, and you know it, but how exactly do we look after our new carpet in the correct manner?

Well, we’ve come up with a guide, a free carpet care guide, just for you. Which includes all the information that you need to know about your new carpets, such as fluffing, tracking, shading, sprouting, and plenty more. On top of this, in the guide, you will find a stain removal table, which will show you what products for what stains, and how to get them out.

We want to make sure that the process of finding and buying your new carpet is as easy as possible, so don’t stress about the future, look at the selection we have on offer below, and start planning!

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