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Product specification

Product Code
LAN 0006
Pile Content
100% wool
Woven polypropylene (EnvirobacTM)
Tog Rating
All areas of the home / heavy contract

Product details

One of several carpets in our wonderful Landscapes collection, we bring you the incredible Moorland carpet. Soft, delightful, and ready to make your room feel fresh and admirable. It is a carpet that is very versatile due to its high wool content (100%) which means it is well suited to most homes, whether you are going for a modern approach or a more contemporary style, either of these will be great for the Moorland carpet to come into. You are guaranteed extra warmth from this carpet, which will most certainly be a saviour in the Winter. There is then also noise reduction, the premium quality wool carpet reduces noise between floors, and from foot traffic. It is a great carpet due to not only looking fantastic but also having these pretty handy features too.

The marvellous grey Moorland carpet is available in widths of 5m.

First and foremost, our number one priority is to make sure that you are happy throughout the entire experience. Nothing comes before customer care and your satisfaction. That is why we will do our utmost to provide you with nothing but the best. That includes our wonderful team of experts who are passionate about the industry and have the same passion for helping you. They are there for you no matter what, whether it is advice you need, or maybe need more of an understanding of which carpet would be best for your home and lifestyle.

Finally, let’s talk about what we are giving you for free.

Samples! We offer free samples of our carpets, so you can pick and choose up to six different styles of samples to add to your basket. This is because we want to make sure you are truly happy and get the exact carpet that you want, and at least this way you can test out a few different ones. So don’t be afraid, look below the carpet image and you will see an Order sample button. Click it and start the process of finding your new carpet!

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