With a palette inspired by the natural earthy tones of Yorkshire ironstone, Lingdale is a beautiful collection of contemporary-looking designs with a flecked effect adding a subtle mix of style into your heather coloured carpet.

Soft underfoot, decorative, and stylish, Lingdale is the perfect choice of floor covering to make your interiors feel cosy and welcoming. With twelve practical heather colours, from light hues to dark tones, this wool-rich collection is ideal for hallways and stairs and looks fresh and modern throughout the home.

With a delightful approach to both modern and traditional style, the Lingdale collection can be tailored to either. Our stunning heather-coloured carpets have so many benefits to them, including their longevity. You are guaranteed to have a high-quality looking and feeling carpet when buying from Brockway Carpets.

If you have not already come across it, we decided to create a free carpet care guide, so, you do not have to worry or panic about any future stains or spillages on your new carpet. Included in the guide is a full table on how to remove stains, depending on what type it is, along with other bits that you may want to know such as sprouting, shading, tracking, and fluffing. There is a lot to know, and we have compiled all the crucial information in this one guide for you.

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