Nautical but Nice

We all love to be beside the seaside... Coastal style is perennially popular and we think that embracing a nautical inspired, coastal interior scheme is the perfect way to create a look that is fresh, elegant and relaxed.  It's also a great way to introduce a hint of natural colour and texture.

Creating a coastal look by using layers of soft, neutral tones complemented with ocean hues or nautical stripes. Whether you’re looking to create a contemporary take on the classic trend or prefer to keep it traditional, start from the ground up with a Brockway carpet and let the sense of the sea roll into your home.

Joanna Ramsden, Creative Director, Brockway

Coastal cool

Stripes are an easy way to instantly evoke a coastal feel - striped carpet in beach-toned hues sets the scene to create a relaxing, laid back space with a  fresh nautical feel. With a palette created to conjure sun-warmed seas and walks in gentle sunshine, our Portofino collection showcases loop pile stripes in rich harmonious colours that make a fabulous statement throughout the home.

Whether you are by the sea or in the city, explore this classic interior styling and give it your own modern twist - Combine inky hues with sandy shades and accessorise with wooden and texture to complete the look.

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