A love affair with Galloway Wigtown

1 April 2022

Jade @wildinthewolds is creative by nature and by day work as Creative Director {in graphic, brand and digital} for an in-house corporate agency. By night and weekends she loves creating content for her instagram feed and blog through beautiful images of her home. She lives with her husband {Mr J} and their three siamese cats, Yume, Kara and Yana.

Jade is passionate about Interior décor and styling, and documents her interior renovation journey of their beautiful Georgian Villa over on Instagram as @wildinthewolds

As my feet sink into its soft looped pile, which feels warm and welcoming, it’s difficult to remember what our master bedroom was like when we first moved into this house back in October (2021).

When we viewed this house, the room was dark, the curtains were flouncy and covered the entire window, making a south-facing room incredibly dark and two large wardrobes took up most of the space. The carpet was about 20 years old and had certainly seen better days. But I always knew how it would be eventually; light and warm in colour, a calm and cosy sanctuary for us to retreat to at the end of the day.

There was a little debate about wall and woodwork colour, and the finer styling details but I knew it would only ever have my all-time favourite Brockway carpet.

Now, with Slipper Satin on the walls and dark oak accent furniture, soft linen furnishings and just the minimal furniture needed, we've got what I always envisioned. If you’ve followed me since our last house renovation in ‘Whitcliffe’, you’ll know my love affair for Brockway carpets started then. We had it in our main bedroom and office and have never looked back.

Nowadays, many people are opting for wooden flooring, and to a degree have fallen out of love with carpet, Brockway carpet is in a different league of floor coverings, and I guarantee once you try it, you’ll forever love it.

Brockway is the home of wool carpets, it's a family-run company that strongly believes in British craftsmanship. They only make luxurious, high-quality carpets, using environmentally friendly production processes and all their carpets are durable and long-lasting. The delivery driver even said that this carpet is one of the best he delivers, has superb quality and will last the test of time.

What is Galloway Wigtown?

I ordered some samples from the Brockway website; you can choose up to six free samples which arrived super quick the next day. I chose Beachcomber, Beachcomber Dune, Galloway Fleet and Wigtown and Salcombe, but as my love affair with Galloway was too hard to break Wigtown was the one that won out for this room.

This carpet is crafted from the finest quality undyed, 100% wool yarn, that feels cosy and luxurious underfoot. It has a super chunky pile and is available in three textural designs and six naturally blended colours. It has the most beautiful texture, not just to touch but also to look at. The loops run in a linear pattern making any room feel a lot bigger than it is.

So, as the use of carpet is dwindling in many people's homes around the country, I can only imagine it's because they just haven't discovered Brockway yet.

Jade @wildinthewolds

Carpet as part of a PR collaboration with Brockway

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