In warm and welcoming wool, the chunky opulence of Beachcomber makes the wool loop pile carpet a cosy yet smart and contemporary addition to any home. The sumptuous feel of this undyed, pure wool loop-pile in 4-ply yarn invites you to snuggle up in complete comfort without compromising on creating a stylish look.

The clear, cool neutrals offer both a fresh, new outlook and a rustic warmth.

It is a perfect wool carpet; in both the way it looks and feels. It is versatile and can be used with many unique styles around the home, whether it be in a modern setting or a traditional one. Should you decide to choose a carpet from the Beachcomber range, you’ll be sure to walk away feeling very happy with your decision.

Our Beachcomber range, like all our products, are of high-quality, and you can notice this as soon as you lay your eyes on our stunning carpet. Our collection of carpets within this range are neutral-based colours, so are perfect to match most rooms.

Look at our glorious range of colours we have available below and decide which one is the perfect match for you and your home.

If you have bright coloured walls, then a neutral wool carpet such as the Beachcomber can really help the room pop. Alternatively, if you have neutral-coloured walls, such as grey or white, then you can finish the light and peaceful look by adding the Beachcomber wool loop pile carpet to your room. By owning a carpet like this in your home, it also does not limit you for the future, and gives you complete freedom if you decide to change the colour of your room. It also does not mean forking out for a brand-new carpet, due to the versatility of this compelling range.

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