Dimensions Plain 50

This is a stunning plain, twist pile carpet with excellent durability which offers a beautiful and considered classic look, suitable for all living spaces.
Dimensions Plain 50

The vibrant, modern palette of Dimensions owes its clarity to the exceptionally white wool from which it is made.

Due to the plain twist pile carpet being a straightforward design, it gives freedom and options when decorating and choosing your décor. The positives of having a plain carpet are that there is no specific theme to stick to, and you can change and re-arrange anything within the room or your home to make it work. You could approach the room with a nautical design, a traditional theme, or something entirely different. Whichever you decide, will work with the Dimension Plain 50, as it is incredibly versatile when it comes to design, style and where you want it to be in your home.

Wool is the natural choice for flooring, with its unbeatable combination of strength and performance.

These dazzling shades in an 80% pure new wool, provide colour, warmth, and comfort combined with the strength to cope with the comings and goings in a busy family home yet evoke a relaxed feel you will love to come home to. With a wide spectrum of colours available, from the more neutral whites and greys to the more vibrant red and blue.

The number 50 means that the pile weight is 50oz. All colours are available in 2 pile weights - 40oz and 50oz

After choosing and purchasing your lovely new twist pile carpet, you will want to make sure you know how to look after your carpet, and what to use to treat any stains or marks that may occur. Luckily for you, we have created a free carpet care guide, and everything you need to know is explained within the guide.

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