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Product specification

Product Code
COT 0002
Pile Content
100% wool
Action Bac
Tog Rating
All areas of the home / general contract

Product details

The wonderful Bibury carpet is part of our Cotswold range. This luxurious wool carpet is defined by its class and character which can lead to an incredible looking room within your modern or traditional home. It also has plenty of perks due to its high wool content (100%). Some of which include air filtering capabilities, which trap dust and pollutants. The wool is noise absorbing, making your home a lot quieter due to it reducing sounds with foot traffic and throughout the levels of the house.

To find out more of these benefits that our finest wool offers, head over to our Wonderful Wool page.

The class natural-coloured Bibury carpet comes in widths of 5m.

Customer care and satisfaction are always at the front of our minds, it has always been this way and will always be like this. Nothing is more important than you. That is why we have a team of experts who will give you the best advice and put you in the direction that is right for you.

You might know already know what you want, or you might need a little help in explaining things. Knowing which carpets are best for each type of household, or which colour carpet is best for the room in your house.

We also offer samples for our carpets, including our Bibury carpet because we believe that it is only right for you to try a few different styles, colours, and textures before you make the final decision of buying your carpet. So, because of that, you can add up to six different carpet samples to your basket, be venturesome and choose ones you may not normally go for, and pick some you are confident you will like too. Therefore, you are not limited to just one sample, because you deserve to have a choice.

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