Brown carpets

grey sofa and light brown carpet with bright stripey bedroom bench

Another classic natural colour, complementing other schemes around the home and providing a neutral backdrop for your individual style, brown carpet is stylish and practical, with some attractive contemporary shades available that fit perfectly with current trends and styles.

In wool carpet, the colour brown takes on a richness and depth that adds comfort and style anywhere in your home.

Brown carpets give your home a touch of contemporary and modern-day appeal, whether that is with a light brown carpet or dark brown carpet. Dark coloured carpets pair well with bright white or pastel walls to give your home a unique edge, but overall, the colour is very versatile anywhere in your home.

A dark brown carpet is also well suited for disguising marks and therefore a popular choice for busy spaces in your home or for work/industrial use. It is also regarded as a solid and professional colour, yet at the same time, can be a cosy colour that promotes relaxation. It’s also great if you’re looking to add lots of new accessories and décor to your home, as it works well with many other neutral colours.

Bold colours such as reds, yellows, greens, and blues can also be used to create a compelling contrast against a brown carpet. Alternatively, subtle tones such as navy blue, chocolate browns and a range of greys can add depth to a space.

We manufacture products in our very own Kidderminster factory, and are immensely proud of what we produce, so anything below the highest standard does not go on sale. We treat our customers how we would want to be treated when purchasing something as important as a carpet.

Excellent quality carpet should have a long life, so you want options when choosing yours. Therefore, we have listed below all the different brown carpets we have available so you can make the perfect choice today.

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