Yellow carpets

natural yellow carpet with grey table and green walls

The beautiful style of yellow carpet is uplifting and gives a positive approach to any room. Choosing a yellow carpet can bring a sense of happiness and produce seasonal characteristics, and due to its ‘happy’ colour, it can become a real mood booster too.

The colour ‘yellow’ also opens lots of possibilities in terms of décor. As an example, having a yellow carpet, and being surrounded by very neutral colours in the room, but then adding a ‘pop of colour’ which could be yellow or another colour, would make it really stand out.

A yellow carpet can hugely brighten up any room, so even if you have dark walls and décor, a yellow carpet can make a huge difference when trying to brighten up a dark room, or maybe the room is in a position that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight, in which case, again this would be a fantastic choice to go for.

We have lots of different styles of the colour available, such as Cotswolds, Gatsby, Dimensions, Solar collection and lots more. If you’re looking for a striped carpet, your best choice is to look at the Portofino range, which would be likely to suit your style best.

Now, something that worries everyone when having a new carpet fitted, is accidents! You’re probably too worried to have drinks or food in the room, you’re almost too scared to go into the room! Well, we understand the worry, and that’s why we’ve created a free carpet care guide for you, which includes all the relevant information about you maintaining the quality and look of your brand-new carpet, as well as lots of tips on what to use if an accident or stain does occur.

Once you have decided on a style and carpet that you like the look of, head over to our where to buy section to find a retailer.

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