Natural carpets

natural grey carpet with metal bed frame and white walls

The natural, comforting tones of neutrals such as beige are a popular colour choice when thinking about a new, pure wool carpet, complementing other schemes around the home and providing a clean, calm backdrop for your individual style. The refined and neutral foundation that a beige carpet offers fits so well across this year’s styles and trends, whether you’re drawn to a modern rustic look or a more dramatic urban feel.

Natural wool loop carpet is the perfect style for anyone who has their eyes set on a very grounded and natural room. Neutral hues inspired by nature can help make your home feel cosy and welcoming.

With that said, due to there being over 100 colours available in our natural collection, there is a style for every type of scheme. Our natural range is made from pure wool, so it is guaranteed for comfort and warmth and has a delightful look and feel too.

Brockway Carpets also has a 5-year warranty against all types of manufacturing fault and will investigate any complaint raised. There is also a 5-year guarantee against Delamination, Moth Attack, and Pile Reversal on all ranges - see our FAQ section for more details.

If you are interested in our beautiful natural wool loop carpet, then visit our "where to buy" page to search for your local retailer. Once you have done that, we have a couple of extra bits that you may enjoy looking at.

Firstly, if you are not entirely settled on how to design your room yet or have a brief idea but feel like you could add something else, then why not look at our inspirations page and see where it takes you!

We have also created a free carpet care guide for you, which includes all the valuable information regarding your new carpet, and what to do if any accidents and spillages happen in the future. So many people seem to forget that your carpet needs some TLC over time, and so it is possible to keep it looking great for many years to come, it just needs that bit of extra care.

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