Heather carpets

There is no need to compromise on vibrant colour or the beauty of natural-looking neutrals with a heathered or flecked carpet. A brilliant product for the busy family home, this semi-plain style will not show marks so much and its wool-rich content ensures toughness and durability. Wool carpets stay looking good for longer.

Heather carpet is made from more than one fibre colour, giving off a flecked carpet effect. Sometimes it can be hard to find a carpet that you like, but not today. We have over 200 different heather carpets for you to choose from, so you are guaranteed to find the best one for your home.

This style is not suited to just one colour either, so you have an array of options, whether it is a heather grey carpet or our wonderful plum coloured carpet, we have a wide range so that you can find the best one.

Heather carpet is also used often to create a coastal theme, mainly when using neutral-coloured carpets. The speckles on a heathered carpet can make it feel more natural and earthy, so if you are looking for a light coloured or natural looking room, the heather carpet could be for you.

Browse below to see our stunning heather carpet collection and decide on the perfect carpet for you and your home today.

As mentioned before, this type of carpet also does not show marks as much, so if you had a stain on a plain carpet, it would be more likely to show, however, due to the multi-tonal pile that is within a heathered carpet, the stain will become more hidden.

However, nobody wants any stains on their new carpet, so we have produced a free carpet care guide for you. We have included all you need to know to keep your carpet in the best possible condition.

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